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Have a Ball Together! Physical Activity and the Early YearsVideo transcript

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NOTE: This video is currently under review to integrate Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines. Stay tuned!

Have a Ball Together! Physical Activity for ChildrenVideo transcript

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Have a Ball Together! Benefits of Physical Activity for ChildrenVideo transcript

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Have a Ball Together! Tips for FamiliesVideo transcript

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Have a Ball Together! Tips for ProfessionalsVideo transcript

Additional Videos

Physical Activity and Sleep

Best Start Resource Centre

Health and wellness tips for babies.

Disclaimer: The videos below are not necessarily endorsed by the Best Start Resource Centre.

Physical activity: Be a role model

Canadian Paediatric Society

As a parent, you set the example your children will follow.
Getting out and being physically active is a great and fun way to spend time together as a family.

Activity: Are your kids getting enough?

Canadian Paediatric Society

Do you know how much physical activity your children need for healthy growth and development?
Are you looking for ideas to increase physical activity in your family?
Watch this Canadian Paediatric Society video for suggestions.

Sit less, move more!

Canadian Paediatric Society

How much screen time is too much? Do you know how to set limits?
The Canadian Paediatric Society offers tips and strategies to make positive changes to your family’s screen time habits.

Creating a Quality Physical Literacy Experience

Canadian Sport for Life

These are a series of short videos (one to six minutes duration) designed to help you create a quality physical literacy experience for your participants in your practice or programs. Each video focuses on key components to assist you in understanding physical literacy and how it is important to consider in your programming implementation. Supplementary information and resources are provided after each video.

Hands Up! Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy


HANDS UP for Health and Physical Literacy is a three part illustrated video series that will teach children and youth about the importance of physical and health literacy in a fun and engaging way.

The ABC’s of Physical Literacy

Region of Peel

This video introduces parents to the importance of children learning and developing confidence and competence in fundamental movement skills. It also highlights the associations between physical activity and brain development, improved performance in school, better sleep patterns and decreased risk for chronic diseases.

Physical Literacy

Sport Wales

This video provides a quick introduction about the importance of physical literacy for young children.

Fundamental Movement Skills Library

60 Minute Kids Club (Heart & Stroke Foundation)

Wondering how to teach and assess fundamental movement skills (FMS) with kids? The Heart & Stroke 60 Minute Kids’ Club (60MKC) have created a series of short, simple videos that clearly show the mechanics of a select number of FMS.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids is yoga designed specifically for kids! A new yoga adventure is available every month


GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day. GoNoodle is designed with K-5 classrooms in mind.

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