Activity Ideas for Infants


  • Move an object side-to-side to encourage baby to follow the object by moving their head
  • Gently move and stretch baby’s arms and legs
  • Provide lots of opportunities for tummy time (not while sleeping)
  • Place a toy in front or to the side of baby and encourage baby to reach for it
  • Have baby kick and splash during bath time or water play
  • Play music and encourage baby to dance
  • Roll a ball to baby
  • Blow bubbles and encourage baby to catch them
  • Set-up cushions for baby to climb over
  • Hold baby’s hands while they practice walking
Course Menu
  1. Physical Activity and Early Childhood: Building Lifelong Habits
  2. Learning Objectives
  3. About the Best Start Resource Centre
  4. Theory Review – Move / Sweat / Step
  5. Theory Review – Sleep
  6. Theory Review – Sit / Screen Time
  7. Theory Review – Benefits
  8. Physical Activity for Infants (0-18 months)
  9. Activity Ideas for Infants
  10. Physical Activity for Toddlers (1.5 – 2.5 years old)
  11. Activity Ideas for Toddlers
  12. Physical Activity for Preschoolers (2.5 – 4 years old)
  13. Activity Ideas for Preschoolers
  14. Physical Activity for Kindergarten-aged Children (4-6 years old)
  15. Activity Ideas for Kindergarten-aged Children
  16. Tips for Families
  17. Tips for Families
  18. Tips for Professionals
  19. Tips for Professionals
  20. Tips for Physical Activity
  21. Modification Ideas
  22. Modification Ideas
  23. Modification Ideas
  24. Equipment Suggestions
  25. Website Review
  26. Personal Action Planning
  27. Personal Action Planning
  28. Thank You
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