Ball Goes Round and Round

Age: Kindergartenball1

Equipment: Ball

Space requirements: Small space

Activity Description:

  • Have the children set up in a small circle.
  • Encourage the children to try different ways of getting the ball around the circle.
  • The child with the ball starts by choosing a way to send the ball to the next child. The following children do the same until the ball moves around the entire circle.
  • The next child past the original sender then picks a new way to send the ball. Options could include using two hands, one hand, high, low, under leg, backwards, left hand only or with a bounce.

Skill development:

  • Physical skills: sending and receiving an object; eye-hand coordination; spatial awareness
  • Non-physical skills: self-discovery; creative play; critical thinking; cooperation; listening and following instructions; sharing

Adjust the challenge:

  • Use a larger ball.
  • Provide children with a list of options to choose from.
  • Allow children to use a movement that was already used by another child.
  • Increase the speed at which the ball travels around the circle.
  • Use a smaller ball.

Activity modified from: Sudbury Children’s Services Physical Activity Resource Guide for Child Care Centres

Posted in 4-6 years (Kindergarten), A-B, Equipment required, Small space



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