Underhand Toss Circuit

Age: Toddler, Preschool, Kindergartenbeanbags3-orange

Equipment: Bean bags, pylons, buckets, tape

Space requirements: Open space

Activity description:

  • Children proceed through a circuit performing the following tasks:

Station 1: Children underhand throw a beanbag and attempt to knock a ball off a pylon.

Station 2: Children underhand throw a beanbag into a bucket.

Station 3: Children find a partner to underhand throw a beanbag to.

Station 4: Children underhand throw a beanbag and try to hit a target taped to the wall.

Skill development:

  • Physical skills: throwing; eye-hand coordination; aim and accuracy
  • Non-physical skills: critical thinking; problem solving; concentration

Adjust the challenge:

  • Allow children to choose the object they will have the most success with.
  • Children stand farther away from the target.

Activity modified from: Ophea Early Learning Resource

Posted in 18 months-2.5 years (Toddler), 2.5-4 years (Preschool), 4-6 years (Kindergarten), Equipment required, Open space, S-Z



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